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Have a Favourite Folders Pane just like they do in ACDSee, where user can readily access those image folders that he frequently uses with Zoner 14 Pro.

ric , 03.10.2012, 08:12
Idea status: under consideration


BrainGel, 03.10.2012, 10:43
Look for Catalog in Zoner. Favourite isn't used but you can do the same already with catalog.
Rand, 03.10.2012, 22:28
This is already available, you don't need to use Catalog.
You'll need to enable the Navigator pane (this is already enabled by default, but if you disabled it then it can be re-enabled by clicking "Workspace' and then 'Navigator'.
At the bottom of the Navigator pane are four buttons, click on the 3rd button from the right. You will then be in the favourites section of the Navigator pane.

To add favourites to that section click on the Favourites button on the toolbar above the browser pane.
From there you can add and edit any folders you wish to the Favourites section.

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